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The Top Reasons People Choose Self-Storage

The average Canadian has just two square feet per capita of storage space. That is not nearly enough space for the millions of Canadians that are actively looking for self-storage units for sale.

However, beyond the typical reason for needing a self-storage unit for simply running out of space, there are many surprising reasons why someone would need self-storage.

Here are the top reasons why people choose self-storage for their storage and organizing needs.

If You’re Undergoing Home Renovations

One of the top reasons why many people get a self-storage unit is because they are renovating or remodelling their homes. It can take two to three times as long to complete a renovation project if there is still a lot of your stuff in the way.

Make the home renovation go as smoothly and quickly as possible by storing your stuff in a unit while work is being done.

If You’ve Run Out of Space

Running out of space in their home is the top reason why many people choose a self-storage unit. Having too much stuff for your home isn’t always a sign of disorganization.

An elderly family member may have recently passed, and a person could have inherited many of their belongings. Renting a storage unit is the perfect solution for this scenario.

Or, some people choose to store their seasonal decorations in a storage unit so that it does not take up precious storage space in their house.

If You Are Travelling or Moving

Travelling or moving is another surprising reason why people rent self-storage units. People will often put their belongings in a storage unit if their lease ended moving into their new residence.

College students who move home for the summer need a place to put their belongings and furniture in between semesters.

Also, people who travel like to put their personal items in self-storage units. They feel as if it is safer than leaving items in an unattended house, especially if the storage facility has 24-hour security.

If You Are Storing Inventory

Another popular reason why many choose self-storage units is if they have an online retail business. Many who sell things on online shops, Amazon, or Etsy do not have space in their homes or garages to store their inventory.

Self-storage units are a great low-cost option for these entrepreneurs.

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Self-storage can be incredibly helpful when you want to not only organize and declutter your space but for any of the top reasons listed above.

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