12 Best Tips for Using Self Storage Effectively

A little pre-planning will help you get the right space, ideal organization and save you some money. But, if you don’t have time for pre-planning, that’s okay too. You can move everything in to a larger unit and organize afterwards in the comfort-cooled spaces we have at Access Mini-Storage.

Organize for Access

You may not think you’ll need to get to your things while your house is being built or remodeled, but it is best to have it organized in the event you do.

  1. Label The Ends: Label the ends and/or sides of your boxes and bins to easily see/know what is inside.
  2. Group By Seasons: Group items together in seasons so you can find what you need based on the time of year.
  3. Label By Family Member: Label items by family member to grab something for someone quickly.
  4. Bigger Units For Freedom: Increase to a bigger unit if you want to have space to move around, sort and organize.
  5. Walk It Out: Fill your storage so you have a small walk way or path to access those items in the corner

Plan Your Space

You don’t want to pay for more space than you really need.

  1. Drive It Up: If you’re storing items from your garage, patio, shop, etc… you don’t need a heated/cooled space. Consider getting a small drive up storage unit for these items.
  2. Temperature-Controlled For Certain Items: For things that are in your home, you’ll want to consider an interior unit and how long you’ll be storing. August heat can melt more than candles, and can ruin electronics, artwork and photos.

Save Time and Money by Planning

Plan your move in and move out.

  1. Know Your Dates: At Access Mini-Storage, we prorate your move in, so you pay for only the days of the month that you move in, then it is a month-to-month lease. Knowing when you need to start storing will save some move in costs.
  2. Special Discounts: Ask if there are any special discounts. Some units are available for a full month FREE.
  3. Truck Rental In Advance: Reserve theAccess Mini-Storage truck or trailer in advance. The truck is free for moving in and out, you just have to pay for the gas. We have two trailers (open landscape & enclosed cargo) also available.
  4. End Of Month Planning: Plan your move out to be at the end of the month to maximize your rental.
  5. Call Us For Help: If you need more assistance, call Access Mini-Storage and ask a manager for help. We work with people in every situation imaginable to maximize their storage options, and we’d be happy to work with you on yours!
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