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Is a Storage unit safe?

Storage Unit Basics

Producing too much waste is a massive issue all over the world, and Canada is no exception. Canadians produce about 3 million tonnes of waste plastic alone each year.

In most cases, folks are simply getting rid of old clutter that they don’t need. In others, though, they’re discarding things simply because they don’t have any space left to put them. That’s where a storage unit comes in and provides extra room to store the stuff you can’t fit anywhere else.

In this Post, we look at storage unit basics. Is a storage unit safe, and what can you put there? Read on for more:

Storage Unit Basics

Storage units are individual storage rooms located at a storage facility. They come in multiple sizes, giving you plenty of types of storage units to choose from.

A storage facility is open longer than typical business hours, allowing you access to your storage before or after work. They’re at convenient locations you can drive to. They also allow you to enter with your vehicle to more easily load or offload items.

Short and Long-Term Storage

Everyone’s storage needs are different. Some people just need a spot to put furniture between moves. Others need something they can rely on for years to come.

Whatever your needs, you can store your stuff for as little or as long as you want. It doesn’t matter if you need only a month or several years. Your storage unit will be waiting for you.

Items to Store in Storage Units

You can store almost anything in a storage unit. Old boxes of documents, bags of clothes, bikes, you name it. Just know you can’t store illegal, perishable, flammable items, and things that could be problematic.

Temperature-Controlled Units

Given Chilliwack’s frigid winter temperatures, you might be concerned about storing temperature-sensitive items. Luckily, storage units offer solutions. Heated, dry-air units keep your items safe throughout even the longest winters.

Is a Storage Unit Safe?

Your secure storage unit does everything to keep ne’er-do-wells from accessing your belongings. There are round-the-clock surveillance, security, and alarm systems to protect against break-ins. Each storage unit has its own cylinder lock that makes it very difficult for any would-be thieves to break into.

Storage unit security prevents strangers from entering. People need to be renting one of the units to enter in the first place. This is welcome given the concerns some have with the recent rise in crime in Canada.

Find Storage Units in Chilliwack

Is a storage unit safe? Yes, and it provides a secure location to store as much or as little as you want, for as long as you want. Additional options such as heated rooms keep your belongings in stable condition regardless of the weather. You can find the answers to more questions we answer all the time, here.

Access Mini Storage Ltd. provides all of the above at a convenient location near your home in Chilliwack. Drop by one of our three trusty locations and get a storage unit you can rely on for years.

Storage Unit for Seasonal Storage

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?


Canadians are cutting back on spending as inflation tightens its grip on our society. We’re putting off buying new things by holding onto what we have a little longer.

The trouble is, we need to store all this stuff somewhere when it’s not in use. If you’re considering moving to a larger, more expensive home to accommodate all your belongings, wait.

Renting a storage unit for seasonal storage is a much cheaper and less inconvenient option. Take the first step towards de-cluttering your home today by learning how to find the right storage unit size for your needs.

Determine Why You Need Storage Unit Rental

For most Canadians, participating in seasonal sports is key to living a satisfying life. That means many of us have closets full of sports clothing and equipment that we only use for part of the year.

This equipment, along with seasonal clothing items is likely to make up the majority of your storage requirements. Remember, you may need a very small unit for your summer sports gear and clothing and a larger one for your winter equipment like skis.

During the planning phase, you should also consider whether you’d like to store any other items to help save space in your home or if you want to move to a smaller house.

It’s usually best to rent a unit that’s bigger than the size you think you need, so you don’t need to go in search of large storage units later.

Draft an Inventory of Items for Storage

Don’t guess your storage unit needs. Rather, make a detailed inventory of the items you’d like to place in storage.

Walk through your home and garage and write down everything that’s creating stress by cluttering your home. You can use this list to help figure out how many boxes you’ll need for storage.

Be sure to measure any items that you can’t pack into a box, such as large sporting equipment or pool equipment.

Try a Trial Run

Browse some storage facility websites to check the availability of storage units in your area.

Once you know the options available to you, mark out a space equal to the size of the smallest unit in your driveway or garage using painter’s tape.

Pay attention to the way the facility describes the dimensions of its units, as this will affect your packing strategy. A 5×10 unit is five feet wide by ten feet long, while a 10×5 unit is ten feet wide by five feet long.

Storage unit ceilings are normally around eight feet tall. Try fitting all your boxes into your demarcated space to get an idea of what size unit you’ll need.

Alternatively, you can use our space calculator to anticipate your storage needs.

Rent Your Ideal Storage Unit for Seasonal Storage

Once you’ve established your requirements regarding a storage unit for seasonal storage, you need to find a facility you can trust with your treasured possessions.

Access Mini Storage LTD offers a range of alarmed, heated, and video-monitored large and small storage units at three locations in Chilliwack. Browse our affordable options and book yours now.