packing belongings for storage before renovation

How to Use Self-Storage During Your Home Renovation

Renovations are revving up. Canadian homeowners spent more than $80 billion on home renovations in 2019 alone.

If you want to increase the value of your house, you should consider a home renovation. Yet you also need to consider the impact of your renovation on your belongings. One way to avoid damaging your things is through self-storage.

What are the threats to your belongings during a renovation? How should you pack your belongings so you can access everything? How can you leave room inside your house?

Answer these questions and you can have an effective and affordable self-storage experience. Here is your quick guide.

Protect Equipment From Renovation Debris

The home remodel process can create a lot of debris. Workers will try to keep your belongings safe.

But the process of adding new flooring or walling can throw dust and woodchips on your items. Renovations can also cause pests like carpenter ants to enter your home.

You should remove whatever you can remove from your house. Put it inside a storage unit and place a tarp overtop.

It is okay to use plastic wrap for glass or small objects. But you should not wrap wooden objects in plastic. The water inside the wood can evaporate and become trapped in the plastic, warping the surfaces of your items.

Keep Essential Items Accessible

Learn how to pick the right size for your storage unit. You should find a unit big enough to accommodate all your belongings. But it should be small so you can access everything you need in a few paces.

Everything that you need for your daily life should stay close to you. You should keep medications and personal papers inside a bag or binder.

If an essential item has to go inside your storage space, you should put it in a cardboard box. Then place the box toward the front of the unit. Clear out a path so you can go right up to it and take what you need.

Keep Valuable Items Safe

Electronics, keepsakes, and other valuables can go into any number of storage solutions. But you should be smart about how you arrange your belongings.

Put bulky and heavy objects on the floor of your unit. If you need to stack objects on top of each other, lean them against a wall or corner. Wrap fragile belongings with bubble wrap so they do not break.

Leave Room for Home Renovation Work

Pieces of furniture can impede the movement of workers. Try to remove chairs, desks, and tables from your home. If you have a couch, break it down into its individual components and remove all of them.

It is okay to leave a rug or shelves in a room. But you should tell your renovation company about them. They can plan around their presence and avoid using tools that may break them.

Get Your Self-Storage Unit

A home renovation is good for homes but bad for belongings. Workers can spread dust and debris that can damage your furniture and possessions.

You should move what you own into a self-storage unit. Cover your belongings in tarps and plastic wrap.

Put your essentials in boxes and leave them toward the front of your unit. Valuable items should go on the floor so they don’t fall over. Make sure to leave room for the renovators.

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