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Tips for Getting the Most Space Out of Your Storage Unit

As a collective, humans own too much stuff. Most of us are collectors, who hold on to items out of security, or sentiment. There are no guidelines as to how many material objects we should keep, though the size of our living space usually helps to inform how much stuff is comfortable. So, where do we put it […]

Heated Storage Units vs. Standard Storage Units

When you rent a storage unit, your biggest concern is probably security. For good reason–you want your personal belongings to be in a safe location. But a lot of people overlook the conditions that standard storage units provide. This includes a lack of protection from extreme temperatures. Customers can sometimes neglect to consider the effects of […]

A Guide to Using Self Storage for Seasonal Equipment

Let’s face it—we all have that one closet that’s overflowing with a medley of items. At the very least, every home comes equipped with a junk drawer. Too much stuff in one home can lead to stress, and it can be difficult for those with small homes to find the perfect storage solutions. However, sometimes the best solution […]

How to Use Self-Storage During Your Home Renovation

Renovations are revving up. Canadian homeowners spent more than $80 billion on home renovations in 2019 alone. If you want to increase the value of your house, you should consider a home renovation. Yet you also need to consider the impact of your renovation on your belongings. One way to avoid damaging your things is through self-storage. […]

The Top Reasons People Choose Self-Storage

The average Canadian has just two square feet per capita of storage space. That is not nearly enough space for the millions of Canadians that are actively looking for self-storage units for sale. However, beyond the typical reason for needing a self-storage unit for simply running out of space, there are many surprising reasons why someone would […]