Tips for Getting the Most Space Out of Your Storage Unit

As a collective, humans own too much stuff.

Most of us are collectors, who hold on to items out of security, or sentiment. There are no guidelines as to how many material objects we should keep, though the size of our living space usually helps to inform how much stuff is comfortable.

So, where do we put it all? For those who don’t have the luxury of a giant home with extra storage or a basement fit for boxes, where do we put all of our collections, keepsakes, and extra furniture? What do we do when we’re ready to downsize?

We recommend a clean, secure, and organized storage unit. How do you make sure to fit all of your items into one tight space? Read on– we have a few tried-and-true recommendations.

Make an Inventory of Items

Make an inventory of the items you’re storing in your storage unit. That way, you can always reference this list when you need to find and pull items out of your unit.

Label Boxes with All Contents

Even if you think you’ll remember what you put in that box, we promise you won’t. Make it easier on yourself and write down exactly what you put in that box with a dark, permanent marker.

Store Items in Uniform Containers

If you use boxes or containers that are all the same size, you’ll find it much easier to stack and arrange containers on multiple levels. This will also keep your storage unit much safer as your stacked boxes will be less likely to topple if they’re properly balanced.

Map Out Storage Space

Strategize where similar items belong. Using aisles, plot out where each section makes sense in relation to the entrance. Once you’ve established location, draw and label everything out on paper for future reference (graph paper works great for this).

User Clear Containers

What’s better than clearly labelled boxes? Containers that are clear and allow you to see inside also tend to be more secure than traditional cardboard boxes. The plastic materials will keep your items clean and safe from moisture and dust.

Store Furniture Correctly

We recommend storing large items on their side or upside down. Disassemble furniture whenever possible in order to avoid awkward shapes taking up unnecessary space in the unit.

Keep Frequently Used Items Close

Keep items you may need to come back to close to the entrance. This way, you’ll be able to get to them without rearranging your entire storage unit and wasting precious time.

Use Shelves or Storage Lockers

Add shelves to store small boxes, kitchen appliances, and items you’d like off of the ground. Once you had shelving space, your available square footage increases dramatically and naturally becomes more organized.

Your Next Storage Unit

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Heated Storage Units vs. Standard Storage Units

When you rent a storage unit, your biggest concern is probably security. For good reason–you want your personal belongings to be in a safe location.

But a lot of people overlook the conditions that standard storage units provide. This includes a lack of protection from extreme temperatures. Customers can sometimes neglect to consider the effects of temperature on their belongings.

If you live in an area like Chilliwack where temperatures can drop below freezing, heated storage units are a must. The information below explains how heated storage works and specific situations where it is essential. It lays out how this feature can help preserve your items so that you can determine if it is the right upgrade for your storage needs.

How Do Heated Storage Units Work?

Heated storage units become fully operational in colder months when the temperature drops, in order to safeguard your belongings and valuables from freezing. In heated storage facilities, forced air heating is used to keep warm, dry air moving throughout the building for all mini storage units.

One benefit is protecting temperature-sensitive items from the cold; the other is creating an environment that can better mitigate humidity levels as well. Humidity can damage items or lead to environments conducive to mould and mildew growth.

The major advantage of heated storage units compared to standard storage is the protection for your items against the effects of extreme ranges of temperature.

Items That Need Heated Storage

If you live in a climate prone to extreme temperature fluctuations, delicate items in standard storage units could be in danger. For instance, extreme cold can make plastics brittle and prone to cracking. This can be a threat to electronics, including computer equipment, as well as appliances that have plastic parts.

Extreme temperatures can damage wood as well. This includes musical instruments, furniture, or other items.

Important documents and photographs also can become damaged from humidity and colder temperatures. Even clothes or other fabrics can develop mould or mildew in these conditions. In short, if you wouldn’t leave an item out in the cold weather, then you need a heated storage unit to protect it.

Find Heated Storage Units Near Me

Now that you have an idea of the advantages of heated storage units over standard ones, you can decide if they are right for you. You can have the peace of mind that your items are secure and safe from the harmful effects of extreme cold temperatures.

At Access Mini Storage we have over 1600 heated storage units in a variety of sizes, with state-of-the-art, 24/7 security. Contact us today for pricing, availability, or to learn more about our short- and long-term storage solutions at our storage facilities in Chilliwack.

A Guide to Using Self Storage for Seasonal Equipment

Let’s face it—we all have that one closet that’s overflowing with a medley of items. At the very least, every home comes equipped with a junk drawer.

Too much stuff in one home can lead to stress, and it can be difficult for those with small homes to find the perfect storage solutions. However, sometimes the best solution is found outside the home.

Self-storage companies offer customers the chance to pack up their seasonal equipment and safely store it. But is it really worth it?

We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading below to learn how you can benefit from storing all your seasonal items in a self-storage unit.

Build an Inventory

When storing seasonal equipment, a storage unit makes it easy to keep track of all your belongings. By organizing your belongings by season or type of item, you’ll have a better idea of what you need and what you can discard each year.

This inventory can be doubly helpful if you ever plan on moving or selling any of your belongings. With an inventory, you can quickly evaluate what’s still inside your home and what’s been stored away for the season.

Keep a Full Wardrobe

Unless you have a walk-in closet, it’s often hard fitting both your cold and warm-weather clothing in a dresser. However, it’s just as difficult to part with favourite pieces of clothing just because you lack the proper storage solutions.

With a storage unit, you can swap out your clothing depending on the season. This also helps to keep your off-season clothing clean and prevents laundry build-up in your home.

Never Misplace Another Item

How many times have you prepped for a vacation, only to realize you can’t find a crucial item? With a self-storage unit, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your seasonal belongings.

By keeping your seasonal items in storage, you’ll know exactly where everything is. You won’t have to hunt through every corner of your garage, attic, and basement just to find a sleeping bag or space heater. With a storage unit, there’s only one place it will ever be!

Protect Your Valuables From Harsh Weather

You don’t want to leave your seasonal equipment outdoors, especially when the temperature changes in the wrong direction.

The weather can take a toll on seasonal equipment such as lawn mowers, gardening equipment, holiday decorations and more. A heated storage unit can keep your belongings safe and secure from weather damage during any season.

Discover Why Self-Storage Is One of the Best Storage Solutions

Not every home comes with a roomy garage or attic storage space. Luckily, self-storage—one of the best storage solutions—makes it easy to stash away all of your seasonal equipment in one convenient spot.

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How to Use Self-Storage During Your Home Renovation

Renovations are revving up. Canadian homeowners spent more than $80 billion on home renovations in 2019 alone.

If you want to increase the value of your house, you should consider a home renovation. Yet you also need to consider the impact of your renovation on your belongings. One way to avoid damaging your things is through self-storage.

What are the threats to your belongings during a renovation? How should you pack your belongings so you can access everything? How can you leave room inside your house?

Answer these questions and you can have an effective and affordable self-storage experience. Here is your quick guide.

Protect Equipment From Renovation Debris

The home remodel process can create a lot of debris. Workers will try to keep your belongings safe.

But the process of adding new flooring or walling can throw dust and woodchips on your items. Renovations can also cause pests like carpenter ants to enter your home.

You should remove whatever you can remove from your house. Put it inside a storage unit and place a tarp overtop.

It is okay to use plastic wrap for glass or small objects. But you should not wrap wooden objects in plastic. The water inside the wood can evaporate and become trapped in the plastic, warping the surfaces of your items.

Keep Essential Items Accessible

Learn how to pick the right size for your storage unit. You should find a unit big enough to accommodate all your belongings. But it should be small so you can access everything you need in a few paces.

Everything that you need for your daily life should stay close to you. You should keep medications and personal papers inside a bag or binder.

If an essential item has to go inside your storage space, you should put it in a cardboard box. Then place the box toward the front of the unit. Clear out a path so you can go right up to it and take what you need.

Keep Valuable Items Safe

Electronics, keepsakes, and other valuables can go into any number of storage solutions. But you should be smart about how you arrange your belongings.

Put bulky and heavy objects on the floor of your unit. If you need to stack objects on top of each other, lean them against a wall or corner. Wrap fragile belongings with bubble wrap so they do not break.

Leave Room for Home Renovation Work

Pieces of furniture can impede the movement of workers. Try to remove chairs, desks, and tables from your home. If you have a couch, break it down into its individual components and remove all of them.

It is okay to leave a rug or shelves in a room. But you should tell your renovation company about them. They can plan around their presence and avoid using tools that may break them.

Get Your Self-Storage Unit

A home renovation is good for homes but bad for belongings. Workers can spread dust and debris that can damage your furniture and possessions.

You should move what you own into a self-storage unit. Cover your belongings in tarps and plastic wrap.

Put your essentials in boxes and leave them toward the front of your unit. Valuable items should go on the floor so they don’t fall over. Make sure to leave room for the renovators.

For easily accessible, convenient self-storage units in the Chilliwack area, contact the experts at Access Mini Storage Ltd to reserve a unit.


The Top Reasons People Choose Self-Storage

The average Canadian has just two square feet per capita of storage space. That is not nearly enough space for the millions of Canadians that are actively looking for self-storage units for sale.

However, beyond the typical reason for needing a self-storage unit for simply running out of space, there are many surprising reasons why someone would need self-storage.

Here are the top reasons why people choose self-storage for their storage and organizing needs.

If You’re Undergoing Home Renovations

One of the top reasons why many people get a self-storage unit is because they are renovating or remodelling their homes. It can take two to three times as long to complete a renovation project if there is still a lot of your stuff in the way.

Make the home renovation go as smoothly and quickly as possible by storing your stuff in a unit while work is being done.

If You’ve Run Out of Space

Running out of space in their home is the top reason why many people choose a self-storage unit. Having too much stuff for your home isn’t always a sign of disorganization.

An elderly family member may have recently passed, and a person could have inherited many of their belongings. Renting a storage unit is the perfect solution for this scenario.

Or, some people choose to store their seasonal decorations in a storage unit so that it does not take up precious storage space in their house.

If You Are Travelling or Moving

Travelling or moving is another surprising reason why people rent self-storage units. People will often put their belongings in a storage unit if their lease ended moving into their new residence.

College students who move home for the summer need a place to put their belongings and furniture in between semesters.

Also, people who travel like to put their personal items in self-storage units. They feel as if it is safer than leaving items in an unattended house, especially if the storage facility has 24-hour security.

If You Are Storing Inventory

Another popular reason why many choose self-storage units is if they have an online retail business. Many who sell things on online shops, Amazon, or Etsy do not have space in their homes or garages to store their inventory.

Self-storage units are a great low-cost option for these entrepreneurs.

Contact Us Today If You Need Self-Storage In Chilliwack

Self-storage can be incredibly helpful when you want to not only organize and declutter your space but for any of the top reasons listed above.

If you are relocating to the Chilliwack area, Access Mini Storage has 3 convenient locations with storage units of varying sizes available to rent for your needs.

We provide a variety of secure and heated self-storage units that can fit every need and every budget. Call or email us today to reserve your-self storage unit today.