Are Storage Units a Good Investment?

Storage is a major requirement for an organized and manageable home. We often have lesser space and higher availability of items. These items keep accumulating over time that creates more clutter and chaos. With many things to store and look after, the best way to deal with our possessions is to put them in a storage unit. Renting out storage units is a simple solution for this. Storage units have simplified management and potentially provide consistent cash flow that makes storage a good investment.

Whether you are clearing out unwanted items or relocating your possessions temporarily, storage units are the best option. Access Mini-Storage Ltd. can help you determine which storage unit, from our 3’x5’ to 15×25’ storage space, is the best for you. We also have a space calculator that will provide you with an idea of how large a storage unit you need.

Benefits Offered by Storage Units

Investing in self-storage units is a great option. Unlike traditional real estate, you can customize the rent according to the demand. Some of the advantages of storage units which can help you save money in the long run are:

  1. Security

    Storage units grant more assurance to the stored items. Storage units offer better security as they are monitored with video surveillance cameras and the premises are well guarded. It is better to store valuable items in storage units rather than at your house.

  2. Clutter

    You can reduce unused clutter at your home or office and use the vacant space to store essential items. Old clutter such as furniture, clothes and appliances can be safely stored in these units.

  3. Cost-Effective

    It is more economical to pay for a storage unit and to store your items rather than renting out another property. You just have to pay the monthly rent as storage units usually provide free transport. Adding counters to your storage unit will help maximize the space in it.

  4. Flexible to Use

    Storage spaces also provide you with trolleys and jacks to make the transfer of your items easier. There is also a benefit of cost flexibility; you only pay for the unit as long as you need it. Storage units can be used effectively if the items are properly organized.

  5. Permanent Base

    Storage units provide you with a permanent location to store your items. If you’re living temporarily or are on a move, dealing with your items can be troublesome. Keeping your belongings in storage space will be a lot cheaper than transporting them.

  6. Environmental Damage

    When you are low on space at home or in office, your possessions are often left abandoned. These items are often at risk of damage from the environment. Storage units often provide you with a controlled environment that protects your items from damage.

  7. Maintenance

    Storage units have minimal maintenance as the customer traffic is low the usage maintenance is usually low. You don’t have to pay extra for maintenance.

  8. Downsizing

    If you are planning on downsizing your house or putting your house on the market, deciding what to do with your possessions is an important task. Items that you don’t wish to sell or donate can be kept in a storage unit. You can move to your new house without cluttering the items in it.

  9. Frequent Traveler

    If you travel often, consider storing bulky items that are too inconvenient for you to take. You can rest assured they will be protected while you are away.

  10. Hobby or Sport Equipment

    If you have bulky sports equipment that you do not use frequently, a storage unit can keep it safe.

If you are concerned about space and security, renting a storage unit will is the best move. Storage units offer you extra security from theft. At Access Mini-Storage Ltd., our storage units are individually alarmed, monitored and heated. If you are looking for reliable storage facilities, feel free to check our website or call us at (604) 824-0030. We’ll be happy to respond to any queries you might have.