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12 Best Tips for Using Self Storage Effectively

A little pre-planning will help you get the right space, ideal organization and save you some money. But, if you don’t have time for pre-planning, that’s okay too. You can move everything in to a larger unit and organize afterwards in the comfort-cooled spaces we have at Access Mini-Storage. Organize for Access You may not […]

8 Reasons People Rent Storage Units in Chilliwack BC

In almost any instance where you may need to keep your belongings secure in an easily accessible location and can’t do it on your own property, public storage provides the perfect solution. Here are 8 common reasons why people rent self-storage units in Chilliwack from Access Mini-Storage Ltd.: 1) They are downsizing or moving Mini […]

4 Tips for Organizing Your Fall Closet

Spring cleaning is a great time to get your closet ready for the warmer months, but what about preparing it for the colder days of fall and winter? Organizing your closet in the fall provides a great opportunity to ready your winter wardrobe and clear out some clutter. Not sure where to begin your closet […]