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A Guide to Using Self Storage for Seasonal Equipment

Let’s face it—we all have that one closet that’s overflowing with a medley of items. At the very least, every home comes equipped with a junk drawer.

Too much stuff in one home can lead to stress, and it can be difficult for those with small homes to find the perfect storage solutions. However, sometimes the best solution is found outside the home.

Self-storage companies offer customers the chance to pack up their seasonal equipment and safely store it. But is it really worth it?

We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading below to learn how you can benefit from storing all your seasonal items in a self-storage unit.

Build an Inventory

When storing seasonal equipment, a storage unit makes it easy to keep track of all your belongings. By organizing your belongings by season or type of item, you’ll have a better idea of what you need and what you can discard each year.

This inventory can be doubly helpful if you ever plan on moving or selling any of your belongings. With an inventory, you can quickly evaluate what’s still inside your home and what’s been stored away for the season.

Keep a Full Wardrobe

Unless you have a walk-in closet, it’s often hard fitting both your cold and warm-weather clothing in a dresser. However, it’s just as difficult to part with favourite pieces of clothing just because you lack the proper storage solutions.

With a storage unit, you can swap out your clothing depending on the season. This also helps to keep your off-season clothing clean and prevents laundry build-up in your home.

Never Misplace Another Item

How many times have you prepped for a vacation, only to realize you can’t find a crucial item? With a self-storage unit, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your seasonal belongings.

By keeping your seasonal items in storage, you’ll know exactly where everything is. You won’t have to hunt through every corner of your garage, attic, and basement just to find a sleeping bag or space heater. With a storage unit, there’s only one place it will ever be!

Protect Your Valuables From Harsh Weather

You don’t want to leave your seasonal equipment outdoors, especially when the temperature changes in the wrong direction.

The weather can take a toll on seasonal equipment such as lawn mowers, gardening equipment, holiday decorations and more. A heated storage unit can keep your belongings safe and secure from weather damage during any season.

Discover Why Self-Storage Is One of the Best Storage Solutions

Not every home comes with a roomy garage or attic storage space. Luckily, self-storage—one of the best storage solutions—makes it easy to stash away all of your seasonal equipment in one convenient spot.

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