8 Simple Storage Tips to Keep in Mind When Using Mini Storage

Packing can seem deceptively simple. We all think we know how to do it, and then we just can’t seem to get anything to fit right. The storage pros at Access Mini-Storage Ltd. in Chilliwack have put together some useful tips to keep in mind when using mini storage:

Tip #1: Use similarly sized boxes for easy stacking

Try not to pack all of your belongings into an assortment of randomly sized boxes. It is a better idea to stick with a few basic sizes so that you will be able to easily stack similarly sized boxes on top of each other.

Tip #2: Don’t over-stuff the boxes

Boxes should be filled to capacity, especially if you plan on stacking them in your mini storage unit, but try not to over-stuff them. Over-stuffed boxes may break or burst, or can simply become too heavy to lift.

Tip #3: Use proper packaging materials

Speaking of boxes, make sure that the boxes you use are made of sturdy, high-quality materials. Don’t just dig some old crumbling ones out of your basement. Use bubble wrap to protect fragile items and proper packaging tape to make sure that your boxes stay closed.

Tip #4: Protect furniture with padding

You don’t want your furniture to come out of mini storage with damage because it wasn’t packed properly. Protecting your furniture is easy if you make use of padding in the form of bubble wrap, industrial grade plastic wrap, towels, comforters, and bed sheets.

Tip #5: Make use of labels

The importance of labeling your boxes cannot be overstated. You may know what’s in them now, but a few months from now when it comes time to find what you need you will likely have forgotten, even if you’re only keeping a few boxes in storage.

Tip #6: Disassemble large items

You can save a lot of space in your mini storage unit by disassembling larger items such as beds before storing them. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that you carefully pack and label all of the pieces so that you won’t have trouble putting your furniture back together again.

Tip #7: Consider which items you may need easy access to

Pack your mini storage unit smartly by giving some thought beforehand to which items you may need to access periodically. Place those items closer to the front so that you won’t need to go digging for them.

Tip #8: Get the right mini storage unit size

Though you should be trying to conserve space when using self-storage by getting the smallest mini storage unit for your needs, you should not be cramming it over capacity just to save a few bucks. Get a mini storage unit that will comfortably fit all of your belongings so that you don’t risk damaging them.

Access Mini-Storage Ltd. offers self-storage units in Chilliwack that range in size from 3×5′ to 15×25′, letting you store all of your belongings safely. Get in touch with Access Mini-Storage Ltd. if you have any other questions about our public storage facility, or if you’d like to begin renting a mini storage unit today.