4 Tips for Organizing Your Fall Closet

Spring cleaning is a great time to get your closet ready for the warmer months, but what about preparing it for the colder days of fall and winter? Organizing your closet in the fall provides a great opportunity to ready your winter wardrobe and clear out some clutter.

Not sure where to begin your closet organization project? Here are four tips from the Chilliwack mini storage pros at Access Mini-Storage:

Tip 1. Sort all of your clothes, shoes, and accessories

The first step to successfully organizing your fall closet is to sort every item of clothing, every pair of shoes, and every accessory. Don’t let any item leave your hands without sorting it. Consider creating three different piles: one for items you want to keep in your fall closet, one for items you want keep but need to put away in storage, and one for items that you want to sell or donate.

Tip 2. Clear out any excess closet clutter

Now that your closet is clear, it’s time to go through any excess clutter which may have built up in it over time. Items such as books, bags, or random little knickknacks can also be sorted or put away in their proper place somewhere else in your home. Be liberal with what you’re willing to toss, sell, or donate. If you come across an item which you haven’t used in a long time, consider if you really still need to hang on to it.

Tip 3. Put away your fall and winter clothes

Once you’ve cleared up all of your closet clutter, you can start putting away the fall and winter clothes that you want to keep out for the season. Now is a good opportunity to think about how you want to organize your clothing instead of just putting it all away haphazardly. Place items that you are more likely to wear in easier-to-access locations. Items which you may not need as much, such as snow pants, can go on a higher shelf or a further hanger.

Tip 4. Find a place to store summer and miscellaneous items

All of your clothes, shoes, accessories, and other items which you’ve decided to keep but to clear out of your closet for the season need to be kept in proper storage. If you don’t have enough space in your home, then mini storage units in Chilliwack can provide a fantastic solution. Prepare your clothes for self-storage by neatly folding them and packing them away, and you can switch them out come spring time.

Access Mini-Storage provides temperature controlled and securely monitored mini storage in Chilliwack that can keep your items safe. With storage units ranging from 3×5′ to 15×25′, we have the right solution for all your needs. We also offer professional packing supplies that can help make self-storage all that much more convenient for you.

If you’re interested in Chilliwack mini storage to help you organize your fall closet and keep your belongings safe, then you can begin by contacting the storage experts at Access Mini-Storage today.

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