4 Common Mistakes Made When Using Self-Storage

Mini storage in Chilliwack is easily the best solution for clearing up household and office clutter. However, though it is an easy and convenient option, using a self-storage locker isn’t as simple as tossing all of your items inside and locking them away. The right storage methods will keep your items safe, while the wrong ones can cause damage.

Take it from the public storage experts at Access Mini-Storage in Chilliwack, here are 4 of the most common mistakes that people make when using self-storage:

Mistake #1: Storing perishable items

It is not advisable to store food or other perishable items in a Chilliwack mini storage unit. Even dry goods that may not go bad can still attract and become a food source for pests. If you need long-term food storage solutions, then it is a better idea to store other items in self-storage so that you have room for the food at home instead.

Mistake #2: Ineffectively distributing weight

Once you have all of your boxes packed up, taped up, and ready to go, you may be tempted to move them to your storage unit as quickly as possible with little regard for weight distribution. The problem is, however, that stacking heavier boxes on top of lighter ones can cause damage to your valuable items and can also pose a safety risk to anyone who enters the unit.

Mistake #3: Not taking the time to organize

As well as taking the time to stack your boxes so that heavier items sit on the bottom and lighter items sit on top, you should also make sure that your self-storage unit as a whole is well-organized.

Use the space in an efficient manner by stacking similarity sized boxes, leaving a pathway that will allow you to access all of your items, and leaving items that you may need more often in an easily-accessible location. Stack any chairs and store larger items, such as mattresses, in an upright manner.

You’ll also be very glad later on if you put in the time and effort to label all of your boxes before storing them away. Months, weeks, or even just days later you likely won’t remember where you put everything.

Mistake #4: Getting a storage unit that is too small

One of the easiest ways to damage the valuable items you plan to keep in mini storage is to get a unit that is not big enough to comfortably accommodate it all. Stuffing your items or boxes into too small a space can lead to much unintended bending, breaking, and cracking. It’s always better to initially get a size that is too large and downsize later, rather than having to upsize after you notice damage.

At Access Mini-Storage in Chilliwack you can request a storage unit that will comfortably fit all of your belongings. We offer self-storage units as small as 3×5′ if you only plan to be storing a few items, to as large as 15×25′ if you’re looking for a large, long-term storage solution.